Pinkstone Built – Stonehenge

Pinkstone Built – Stonehenge



Pinkstone Built – Stonehenge

Details of the Project

Stonehenge is a residential community designed to be a holistic approach to a person’s overall wellness within their immediate living environment.

While Stonehenge addresses both exercise and nutrition through things like its walking paths and community gardens, it goes far beyond that to address the other two cornerstones through circadian lighting within the homes and community amenities that encourage human interaction and the sense of cohesion with the neighbors.

Visit the Stonehenge website to learn more.

Take a Look Inside

With the hotspot tour, discover the precise detail used to bring the visualization of the property to life

What Pinkstone Built Says

It’s so cool to walk around the neighborhood that doesn’t exist right now and feel like you’re in it. To me, that’s where we’re going. To be at the level and operate at the level that we want to, that’s the kind of quality of work that we have to present to our clients. Working with 3D Ciityscape was awesome. They hung with us and they were always super responsive and always seem to understand the vision and actually roll with us.

Rebekah Meredith

Owner & Principal Engineer, Pinkstone Built